“I was not born to be a photographer. The realities and expectations for those born in the time and place where I come from were not made of dreams. Those with whom I shared my childhood where born to be criminals, prostitutes, drug addicts or dead in early age.

Photography appeared in my life for the first time when was 6 and my parents, maybe because of their catholic believes or maybe by some form of love decided to marry. In that small ceremony, one of my mother’s friend allowed me to take a few pictures with her pocket Kodak Instamatic. I still remember how hard they had to work before they could convince me to give the camera back. In that moment I had discovered something special and unique. I had discovered something that could be used to show the world as I saw it to be.

I’m looking for a photography that brings me questions rather than offer answers. Sentenced by my personal traumas but inspired by the possibilities I see in them, I use my own inquietude as an essential element in my search for a personal visual expression.

My motivation in photojournalism is my honest believe that visual documentation of life is a decisive factor in the way we understand the world around us.”

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